Kew Gardens Lights Up for the Holidays

Click on image to view slideshow.
Click on image to view holiday slideshow.

[Photographs courtesy of Diana Shaman]

When the holiday season opens in our small melting pot of Kew Gardens, Christmas lights, Santa Clauses and reindeer suddenly blaze through the darkness, delighting old and young alike regardless of their religion or country of origin, making us all equally young at heart.

Here are just a few examples of holiday displays on our streets. You will find these houses at 124th Place and Abingdon Road, Abingdon Road between Brevoort and Lefferts Boulevard, along Grenfell Street between Lefferts Boulevard and 80th Road, and perhaps the most spectacular of all, on 81st Avenue between Kew Gardens Road and Austin Street.

These are by no means all the Kew Gardens homeowners who share their holiday spirit with their neighbors. Walk our streets after darkness falls and enjoy them all. If you want to add your display to our list, whether it be a Menorah or a Christmas tree or a Santa Claus, let us know about it so we can put it on our web site. Our e-mail address is, and our mailing address is KGCA, 105 82nd Road, Kew Gardens, NY 11415-1422.

Happy holidays.

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