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A Parking Lot Becomes a Flea Market

A large crowd of shoppers attended the semi-annual flea market that was held May 5th at the Long Island Rail Road parking lot on Austin Street, on a sunny and warm spring day that could not have been more perfect.

The event, which will be held again in October, attracted 31 vendors, said Lisa Altima of the Kew Gardens Improvement Association, who has been organizing the show since 2003. Spaces cost $30 each and some vendors purchased more than one.

"The turnout of shoppers was the most I've seen to date. It was definitely a success," Ms. Altima said, adding that when she first took over the event there were only 17 vendors. "It has grown into what it is today; something I am very proud of."

The event was sponsored by the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center with a percentage of revenues amounting to $1,100 going to the hospital's pediatric emergency fund.

All kinds of wares were for sale, everything from antique dolls, to jewelry, to clothes, to dvds and books, to homemade pots and homemade cookies. Ann Miller held up a book, "I Love Birds," one of several she had for sale. But for this one she had an extra proud smile.

"I wrote it myself," Ms. Miller said.

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