In Memory of 9/11

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Photograph by Diana Shaman
In Memory of 9/11
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To memorialize the 10th anniversary of 9/11, members of the Kew Gardens Community Center came together to reminisce, to remember their own experiences, and to share their thoughts of what that terrible day meant and still means.

Dinah Morgan, the Center's director, welcomed participants, and two candles, commemorating the World Trade Center towers, were lit.

Members of the audience tried to express how they felt. "I still feel a deep emotion for the people who lost their lives," said Sheila Larkin. "Every day, I remember the people," said Delia Ramon, her eyes starting to tear. "It is like a deep wound," said Clara Shahrabani.

Many people provided accounts of where they were when the planes hit. Most were going about their daily routines, at home, at work, but not all.

Carol Kaminski, a dance teacher, was planning to take 35 of her students down to the World Trade Center that morning, to perform in the plaza of the North Tower. "Something - God - stopped me and my students from taking the subway, she recalled. I kept telling them: Let's take the next train, and the next train. We missed several trains." Her premonition saved their lives.

Jeanine Dunn's cousin, Martin, was not so lucky. He worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and died with hundreds of his colleagues. He was married and had two small children. "I stand in the street and wait for my cousin, but he is not here. I mourn for the terrible loss," Jeanine said.

Diana Shaman read her poem, "Remembering Us."

In our remembrance here today
We help keep their memories alive,
We honor them
But not as strangers.
We are one nation,
So they are each a part of every one of us,
And will forever be.

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