Cheeses, fruit, cookies, and flowers was prepared by the hospitality committee.

About 60 members and invited guests attended.

Mayoral candidates, Joseph J. Lhota (Rep.) and John Liu (Dem.), speak at the meeting.


The Kew Gardens Civic Association held its 99th annual meeting on Thursday May 2nd with about 60 members and invited guests attending.

The association's president, Dominick Pistone, had sent invitations to all mayoral candidates to speak but because of scheduling conflicts only two, Joseph J. Lhota, a Republican, and John C. Liu, a Democrat were able to make it. Nevertheless, it was a very full evening. Greatly missed by all was Murray H. Berger, the association's executive chairman, who could not attend for health reasons, but an outpouring of good wishes on a huge "we miss you" card clearly showed how he was missed and is loved.

A bountiful repast of cheeses, fruit and cookies was prepared by the hospitality committee headed by Betty Francullo. Bill Wisnewski provided piano music. In addition to Messieurs Lhota and Liu, the audience heard from local elected officials, State Senator J. Joseph Addabbo Jr. and city council member Karen Koslowitz, as well as other officials representing city agencies. Rachel Epstein, director of the Kew Gardens Community Center ,which provided the space for the meeting, also welcomed members.

Brooks Borden, an association board member declared that the association's books had been audited and were in order, and Renee Levine, head of the nominating committee read the new slate of board members, all of whom were approved and elected by the assembled members. Mr. Pistone will continue as president, Mr. Berger as executive vice president, and Bjorn Matz as vice president.

Next year will mark the civic association's 100th anniversary and board members are already planning for the event and of course welcome ideas and input from civic association members to help make it an outstanding occasion.

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