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It was a day made perfect by glorious sunshine and camaraderie as artists gathered along Austin Street, Lefferts Boulevard, Grenfell Street and 83rd Avenue to participate in the third annual Kew Gardens Community Arts Day which was held September 17.

Also on hand were the Kew Gardens Musicians who provided musical entertainment that included everything from rock, to jazz, to Broadway tunes, playing at the Kew Gardens Cinemas Park on Austin Street. Officers from New York City’s Finest, including members of its anti-terrorist squad, were on hand to help keep everyone safe.

Passers-by could find out more about this and the many other events Kew Gardens has to offer year-round at an information booth of the Kew Gardens Council for Recreation & the Arts, the organizer of this event which was sponsored by a grant from City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz. Also represented were the Kew Gardens Civic Association, and another important local organization, the Kew Gardens Community Center which provides ongoing educational and cultural programs and events.

But this was a day for artists to show off their work—everything from oil paintings and water colors, to pottery, jewelry and photography, much of it different and ingenious. For example, someone whose apartment faces a brick wall could have purchased an old wood-frame window whose panes had been painted with a dream of the outdoors—flowers—that, once installed, could banish the sight of that ugly wall. The artist is Dori Wolt of Maspeth.

For children there was a huge array of events, and they delighted in trying out their own artistic skills. There was a “silly selfie station” where kids could use props to take pictures of themselves wearing mustaches, silly hats, funny glasses and the like. A potter outside the Potter’s Wheel store on 83rd Avenue allowed kids to squish their hands into the wet clay of a flowerpot he was creating on his wheel. At a variety of arts and crafts activity tables on Austin Street volunteers helped aspiring young artists to design their own creations. Maybe a latent Picasso was among them.

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